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Podcast: Identity in Christ

Seminar with Sam Allberry

Sam Allberry is an English pastor and speaker who recently visited the Misjonssalen in Oslo. He tells in these podcasts about how he as a youth had to confront the fact that he had feelings towards other men and not women. Even though he has chosen to live as a single person he says that his identity lies in something other than erotic and sexual feelings.

Sam has come to peace with the fact that he can live a good and meaningful life as a single person in the same way as the apostle Paul says that both singleness and marriage both come with their own challenges. To live as a single can be a blessing. He teaches how we as Christians can experience family even without necessarily being in a partnership or marriage.

1. Sam Allberry - Who am I?

2. Sam Allberry - Is God anti-gay?

3. Sam Allberry - Singleness

4. Sam Allberry - Who are we?

5. Sam Allberry - Encountering Christ, encountering ourselves

6. Sam Allberry - Same sex attracted, singles and the church


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