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A civil or a church wedding?

I’m a man of 29. I want to marry my girlfriend, and I’m wondering if there’s anywhere that says that I should get married in a church? I’m also wondering why some Christians choose civil weddings? I want to have a church wedding but I haven’t dared to talk about it with my girlfriend, she is a little older than me.

I would like to have children but I’m afraid I might go sterile as I smoke. Hope you can answer this!


I’m so glad that you want to get married! It doesn’t really matter where you get married. The most important thing is that you follow the law of the country you live in so that you are legally married, and that you follow God’s Word in relation to the content and purpose of marriage. Whether you choose a civil or a church wedding is less important, and this is something the two of you will have to agree on. Some people get married at the civil registrar’s office, some in state churches, and others in independent churches. Some people hire a church or other premises, and get a pastor or a priest who they know, to marry them.

In Norway for example, after a new gender-neutral marriage law was passed, some churches chose to show their disagreement with the new law, so they chose to give up their right to marry people. People who want to marry in churches like this therefore have to get married at the registrar’s office first (so that they are legally married), and then get married according to Christian tradition in their church. If the priest or pastor in the church is allowed to marry people, then they don’t need to go to the registrar.

When it comes to your worries concerning smoking, it is shown that smoking affects the fertility of both men and women. Smoking among men can reduce the number of sperm cells, and give a risk of genetic faults in the sperm cells.


Best wishes


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