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Your financial support will help us give young people access to teaching and counsel concerning body, sex, relationships, gender and identity.

Through articles, podcasts and answers to hundreds of questions raised by young people themselves, many receive valid guidance to make their own healthy decisions. Every year thousands of people visit our webpage.

We facilitate for seminars focusing on highly relevant topics as porn, sex, body and self-esteem. We develop and distribute teachings on sex and gender identity, and visit schools and churches.

Through supporting us, you contribute to developing the webpage, as well as increasing the level of competence and access to solid resources for everyone who wants to be part of communicating a classical Christian view on sexual ethics to the youth of our day.

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We are in the process of translating the full content of this website to English.
Translated material will be published consecutively as soon as it is ready.
There are about 1300 questions with answers, as well as many articles that need to be translated. 
We ask for your patience and understanding for this.