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Our goal is to offer young people advice on questions about gender, the body, emotions, sex, marriage and relationships from a biblical Christian viewpoint.

We offer parents, teachers and youth leaders expertise and resources to assist them as they advise young people.

We have a positive, value-based view of sex and relationships. No question is inappropriate, and no topic is taboo.

We have a basic trust in the Bible as God’s Word, and in the truth in the Bible’s holistic account of creation, the fall of man, salvation and redemption.

Our advice is based on classical Christian sexual ethics, Christian values and a biblical view of mankind. With this in mind, we believe that lifelong marriage between one man and one woman is the only framework for a sexual relationship, and that God has created mankind as male and female.

We believe that this view of mankind protects every individual’s sexual integrity and needs in the best way.

guttogjente.no builds on the Cape Town Commitment of the Lausanne Movement, which states the following on this topic:

God’s design in creation is that marriage is constituted by the committed, faithful relationship between one man and one woman, in which they become one flesh in a new social unity that is distinct from their birth families, and that sexual intercourse as the expression of that ‘one flesh’ is to be enjoyed exclusively within the bond of marriage. This loving sexual union within marriage, in which ‘two become one’, reflects both Christ’s relationship with the Church and also the unity of Jew and Gentile in the new humanity.



Do you have any questions or ideas for relevant website material, or just something on your heart? Contact us at post@guttogjente.no and we’ll do our best to answer as soon as possible.


Advisory council

The advisory council’s role is to ensure the quality of the website content. Their task is to advise the leadership of guttogjente.no and contribute their professional expertise. Answers to the questions that we get are read by at least two members of the advisory council before publication. The organisations represented in the board own guttogjente.no and have final responsibility for everything that is published.


The board

The board of guttogjente.no has five permanent members representing the organisations who are members of guttogjente.no.

Chairman of the board: Trond Sæthren, YWAM Norway

Email: trond@guttogjente.no


Press officer

Espen Ottosen, theologian and director of information, NLM
Contact: post@guttogjente.no


Member organisations

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NLM Norge

Egil Danielsen Stiftelsen

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