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A Short Boob Guide for Girls

Small boobs, big boobs, squint boobs, hanging boobs, round boobs, pointy boobs …

During puberty girls’ bodies develop, and they start to get boobs. But what should they be like? What is normal? What should I say when I need a bra? Do they ever stop growing – or will they ever start?

Here’s a short guide:

Children get milk from their mothers’ breasts after they are born, in the same way as mammals. Before puberty girls’ breasts are flat, just like boys’ chests, but due to hormones that appear at puberty girls’ breasts start to grow. The breasts then get mammary glands that can produce milk when the woman has a child.


When do they appear?

Girls get boobs depending on when they reach puberty. This varies a lot from person to person: girls often reach puberty when they are ten to twelve years old (but often older), and it is usually over by the time they reach fifteen to seventeen years of age.

Boobs usually grow about two years after you have your first period, and for a lot of girls they are not finished growing until they are almost eighteen years old.

When your boobs start to grow you can feel a hard lump inside, this can be painful to the touch. This is normal, and not dangerous.


Boob size

What your boobs will finally look like depends on your genes and what the rest of your body looks like.

The size and shape of your breasts is decided mostly by inherited genes, both from your mother’s and your father’s side. Even though size is inherited, mother and daughter can have very different boob sizes since the genes from both mother and father affect them.

Size also depends on how much fat you have on your body, as boobs consist of a lot of body fat. So thin girls will have smaller boobs than plumper girls.

Boobs can’t get bigger with exercise because of the fat in them. But they can get smaller if we become thinner, because the body burns up fat.

Lots of girls find that their boobs grow at different rates, and that one boob is bigger than the other. Sometimes they become equal after a while, while other people will always have different sizes their whole life.



Girls have different sorts of nipples too.

Some girls have a clearly defined, dark area with a nipple in the centre. Other girls don’t have distinct nipples, but rather a smooth, soft area with a little darker colour on the middle of the boob. Some girls have a large area of darker skin, others have a smaller area.

It’s quite normal that a small or big nipple will stand out in the middle of the dark area, particularly when you are cold.

Some girls can have inverted (pointing inwards) nipples. This may change over time, but some girls will continue to have inverted nipples their whole life.

Nipples are sensitive to the touch. Some people think it’s nice to have their nipples stimulated, while others find it uncomfortable. Some people don’t notice it that much.

Around the nipple, on the dark area, are lots of small glands: these look like small buds or dots. These glands secrete white fluid if they are squeezed, this is normal and it is best to let them be. 


I need a bra

As your boobs grow you may find it necessary to get a bra to keep them in place.

Lots of girls find it rather embarrassing to ask their parents about things to do with puberty. It may well be that your parents also think it’s difficult to know how to talk about this with you. What’s good to know is that every woman has been in the same situation as you, even if it was a few years ago.

It can be a good idea to decide on a time when you will ask if you can get a bra. The simplest approach is usually the best, so just say it straight out: ‘I think I need a bra.’

If you can’t say it directly, you could also write a note.

Before you buy your first bra, it may be a good idea to take some measurements, so it’s easier to find your bra size.

Bra sizes are made up of a number and one or more letters after the number. The number stands for the circumference measured around your back and right under the breasts. The letters stand for cup size, in other words the size needed to hold the breast. A-cup is the smallest, and the further down the alphabet you go, the bigger the cup.

It could be a good idea to ask someone working in a lingerie department or a lingerie shop to help you find the right size. They are experienced, and help people every day, so they won’t find it strange if you ask for help.


Girls have boobs in all shapes and sizes, and there is little you can do to make them look different or to make them bigger. No one has identical boobs, and there is no standard for what is the ‘right’ size and shape. Your boobs are just as nice as everyone else’s, so be proud of them regardless of their appearance or size.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to be happy and content with the boobs you have, no matter what they’re like. And remember, it’s your personality and charisma that make you attractive!


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