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Christian and Sexual

I’m a sexual human being. That’s a statement that often causes people to raise their eyebrows.

Why? Because in addition to being a sexual human being, I’m also a Christian. Not the kind of Christian that only goes to church on Christmas eve, and to baptisms, weddings and funerals, but a real Christian, one who reads the Bible and prays. There are even people who assume that I don’t want sex, or even that I’m against it!

‘It’s unnatural to be twenty years old and still a virgin.’

When I say that I’ve never had sex, not even with my fiancé, many people are surprised. ‘Aren’t you tempted?’ is one of the most common questions. I often simply answer, ‘Of course we are, we’re human!’ We are tempted because sexuality is completely natural, and good! As Christians we believe that God created sex, so why would we be against it?

However, God has created boundaries: not harsh restrictions to punish us, but recommended boundaries that He has set as a safe framework in which to explore our sexuality. We at guttogjente.no strongly believe in marriage and present a Christian view of sexuality, where marriage is the safe framework God has set for us. Sex is extremely intimate, and the people involved become very vulnerable towards each other, naked as they are and with all their ‘faults’ on display. In marriage two individuals have promised to support and love each other both in good and evil days. We believe that’s a safe and secure foundation on which to build the sex life many people dream about.

Some people won’t believe me. They believe it’s unnatural that a twenty-year-old in today’s society has never had sex. Especially if the person is in a committed relationship! Some would say it can’t be true. But believe what you want – I have taken a choice to wait and I hope you can respect me for it. I also hope you can believe me. Why would I lie? I don’t experience this as a heavy-handed restriction from God, and I don’t fight lustful feelings every time I am with my fiancé. I think God knows what He’s doing and I choose to trust Him. My fiancé and I have made this choice together and we talk a lot (which is a very important thing in a relationship), both about sex and other topics.

Communication is important in a relationship, and sex is a privilege that belongs to marriage.

I want to recommend to all of you to be sure where you stand when it comes to sex and sexuality: Where are your boundaries? When are you ready to enter into something so intimate and vulnerable? Remember that it’s never too late to change either your habits or your attitude. God loves you and wants the best for you; remember that before you say that the Christian view on sexuality is limiting and restrictive.

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