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I hate being an introvert

I’m a real introvert and I hate it, I’m not extrovert at all. I always hear sermons that say that we have to like the person God has made us to be, but I can’t accept myself in a society where NOTHING is set up for people who are introvert! So I really think God has made a mistake with me. I don’t know how I can manage to like my personality.

Hi, and thanks for your question!

First of all we want to say that God has designed you just as you are, because He wanted you and He is contented with you! He smiles when He sees you, He knows you better than anyone else, and wants you to know that He loves you very much.

Lots of other people have the same feelings. You don’t automatically start to like yourself just because you know that you should. A lot of people find it hard to feel like they are good enough in a society where there’s a lot of focus on being extrovert, on being very sociable and having lots of friends. In order to function well, society needs people who are both extrovert and introvert, and God knew this when He created us, as different as we are.

Here are some tips on how to like your personality:

1. Fill your heart and your thoughts with God’s truth. There’s a lot in the Bible about filling ourselves with God’s truth. We often hear from media, adverts and films that we aren’t good enough, but God says that we are dearly loved and valued just as we are. One practical way to fill ourselves with God’s truth is to read the Bible. You can also download a free Bible app (YouVersion) to your mobile. This will send you reminders with a Bible verse for the day, and it’s a good way to fill yourself with God’s truth.

2. Spend time with people who accept you and like you for who you are. Perhaps there’s a Christian youth group where you live?

3. Discover the advantages of being introvert! A lot of people think that being an introvert is a weakness, but in reality introverts often have cool personality traits which extroverts might not have. For example, are you very creative, patient, a good listener, and do you think a lot? Some introverts are especially good at focusing, and are good at learning lots of new things. Others are particularly creative. A lot of famous authors, artists and leaders have introvert personalities which have helped them to achieve what they have in life.

4. Don’t give up! It can take time to learn to like your personality just as God likes it. There’s a story in the Bible about when God called Moses to do something great. He was to lead his people out of captivity in Egypt. Moses thought that he wasn’t the right person for the task, as he wasn’t good at speaking. However, as time went on he developed a deep friendship with God, and he learned that it wasn’t about how clever he was, but that God was with him all the time and helped him.

Best wishes, boyandgirl.info

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