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Lie together during the day?

Is it OK for a guy and a girl to lie together during the day, for example after dinner?


We think that in itself it is not necessarily a problem to lie together after dinner. However, there are ways of doing this that can lead to a temptation to go too far. In order to avoid overstepping boundaries in terms of intimacy, it will be important for you to agree for example that you can sleep beside each other but keep your clothes on and avoid too much skin contact. It you find this too much of a temptation, we would recommend that you rest on the sofa in the living room or keep the door to the bedroom open. That’s not a problem if you are just going to sleep. Use your common sense and agree on your boundaries for intimacy so that you avoid arousing each other sexually: it can be difficult to stop when you find yourselves alone in a room with the door closed. You should agree on the boundaries beforehand, so that you can hold each other accountable to keeping the ‘agreement’. It is important to find out how you function together, as well as being aware of which situations you should try to avoid so you can save yourselves from temptations which can be hard to manage. Remember it is ‘better safe than sorry’. It’s worth waiting for!

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