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Should I start dating?

I like a girl, and she also likes me (we’re almost dating), but in the past few weeks I’ve been very busy, and I think that I’m losing interest. I’ve been in love with her for about nine months, but I wonder if I’m beginning to lose interest in her or if I’m just being influenced by everything that’s happening around me. I’ve never had a girlfriend, so I’m not experienced in these things. I’m just very confused now.
‘Don’t make commitments when you’re excited. Don’t respond out of anger. Don’t make big decisions when you’re feeling down.’
From a guy of sixteen.


It sounds like you are unsure about dating, so it is smart to wait. There’s no rush, and if this really is the girl for you, then she won’t be in a hurry either, she will wait for you. It’s a good idea to spend time getting to know and respect each other before going a step further and dating. The teenage years can be an emotional rollercoaster, it can be easy to fall in love and have feelings coming and going without you wanting them! That’s why you can’t really trust your feelings.

When you consider dating someone, you should also think about marriage and having a permanent relationship. If you can’t imagine this relationship lasting, then it would be better to simply be friends. Breaking up will always be painful.

We have a lot of articles here, so set aside some time to read some of them, they may well help you find out what you should do.

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