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What can I do about being teased?

A friend has started teasing me quite a lot in the past few months, and it affects me a lot. I get quite down when he teases me and says nasty things, even though he probably doesn’t mean to be nasty. He is a bit sarcastic and is probably just trying to be funny. What can I do?


It never feels good when people mock or tease us. If it continues for a long time we can also start to believe the things that are said. That is why it’s important to do something about it as soon as possible. Try talking about it to your friend – you can tell him you don’t like it when he talks to you like that. Even though he might just mean it to be a joke, and doesn’t mean to hurt you, you should let him know that it affects you and that it makes you feel down. It is important that you let him know where your limits are, so people around you can respect you. Some people have a negative, critical sense of humour (without realising that it can be hurtful) so it’s important that someone dares to tell them that it is not alright. Words create, whether they are meant as a joke or not, that’s why it is important to speak positively and to spend time with people who do the same.

If this doesn’t help, then maybe there’s an adult you can talk to? It could be a school nurse, teacher, youth leader, pastor or another adult you trust.


Hope it works out!


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