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What does God think about self-harming?

I have cut myself, and have a difficult relationship with food. I think I am developing anorexia. I am getting help, so it's actually going well now.
But I wonder what God thinks about that?
When I cut myself, does God get upset because I don't take care of my body? Or when I don't want to eat, does he get upset because I'm not happy with my body? Is it a sin to "destroy your body" in that way?
Kind regards,
Girl 15

Hi Girl 15! 

Thank you for the questions you have submitted to us. It is very good to know that you are getting good help in the situation that you are in now, and that you now also think that you are doing well. When it comes to what God thinks about you cutting yourself and harming yourself by not eating, we have to look and read in the Bible about what God says about us. Even if you feel dissatisfied with yourself and feel unable to be happy with yourself and your own body, God thinks completely differently about it. 

The Bible tells us that God created us in His image. In other words, we look like him. He has also created you exactly as you see yourself in the mirror, and God is very pleased with what He did when He created you. He knew exactly how He wanted you to be long before you were conceived in your mother's womb. He looked forward to the day you were to be born, where he had thought about a whole lot of wonderful things about the life you were given to live, and for which you are perfectly suited. He designed and invented you, he considers you so valuable that he actually said he was willing to step out of his position in heaven as almighty creator and God and become human like me and you so that we can return to Him and to the plan and the life he originally intended for us. He took the penalty on the cross for our mistakes and blunders in life. This is the good news for all of us humans. We have a God who loves us, he is not angry and disappointed with us, but he loves and is keenly interested in us understanding who we are together with Him.

When you hurt yourself and do things to yourself that you know are not very good for you, the Bible tells us that Jesus has compassion for you in what is experienced as painful, and he wants to help you understand your value. God will show you a way through the pain in life. He has promised to walk with us, and lead us to freedom from that which oppresses us and things that can make us feel trapped. His challenge to you is to constantly come to him, talk to him about life and the difficult things. Hold on and have trust and faith that he will carry you through what is difficult and that he will guide you. God thinks this way about you, that He would like you to understand how beautiful and wonderful and unique you are in His eyes, and that you could take it in and believe that it is true. He will lead us to a greater insight into who we are and to a greater joy in who he has created us to be. He invites us to come with all things, read in Matthew 11.28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

He knows what pain and suffering are, and in His deep love for us, He willingly took upon Himself to be scourged, tormented, crucified and killed, so that we would be set free and able to receive this love and forgiveness for all that we have done wrong. By His Holy Spirit, he dewlls within us when we confess that we believe in him and that we need forgiveness. He says that in that way we have become his Temple, or a dwelling place for God. He lives in us who are believers, and He wants us to know who He created us to be. We are holy/flawless in God's eyes by faith in him. He wants us to love ourselves as he loves us, because we are his children, created in his image, made into a dwelling place for him, and perfect in his eyes. God sees you as perfect as his son Jesus, and he loves you.

We can therefore know with confidence that God has a deep longing to see our value, and to see ourselves through God’s eyes. Because when we understand our own value and the precious price that God has paid for us, it is easier to look at ourselves with the value we really have. We think there can be many reasons for someone harming themselves and hurting themselves as you describe, but God wants you to get help with what is difficult, so that you can put the painful things  behind you and move on in life. He will be happy to help and support you in that process.

What is true about you and what is true about all people is that God loves us all and gave his own son so that we could return to him and believe the truth about who we really are. Life's many difficulties and all the lies and demands that are served around us help to tear down and destroy the beautiful image that we are. We challenge you to read about Jesus in the Bible. "Whoever has seen me has seen the Father/God," said Jesus. Therefore, we can read about and see in the first four Gospels of the New Testament what God is like, how he meets us through the way Jesus meets people, and how he wants to help us to see who we really are, so that we can understand that he wants us well and also understand who we are in his eyes and who he created you to be.

Kind regards GuttogJente.no

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