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Wrong to send provocative snaps?

Hello! I am a 16-year-old girl, and am a diligent Snapchat user. I'm wondering if it's sinful to send "provocative" pictures of yourself to a boy. Both are single! And it's not like you see something important, but just a little like that, kind of exciting, if someone gets it. Because I think it's fun, and funny, and a way to flirt. But is there anything God does not like? Is it a wrong?

Hi, girl 16y/o.

The boundaries for flirting are probably the same whether it happens via Snapchat or face-to-face. Today, it is easy for us to push the boundaries further for what we say and show via social media, but we should be careful to behave in the same way there as in reality. What you would not do if you were in the same room as this boy and also with others present is also not good to do via social media. If you do something that you don't want others to see or that your future lover can find out, it means that you are crossing a line. You should have some guidelines for yourself when it comes to flirting so that you don't play with other people's feelings and give out hope without there being anything in it.

Also, it is quite risky to send pictures of yourself to others, no matter who it is. Images are easily stored and can go astray, so you must not send anything that you cannot bear for others to see. We would therefore recommend you not to send photos that cannot be "public," especially also because you never really know who is sitting on the other side of the screen, even if they assure you that no one else is there, or that no one else will see them.

Of course, the Bible doesn't say anything about Snapchat or photo sharing, and often, when we wonder if one or the other is a sin, we don't always find the specific thing mentioned. Nevertheless, it says a lot about decency, behaving with dignity, and treating each other with respect and purity. You can read about it in our articles:

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Regards BoyandGirl.info


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