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Help! I’ve Got My First Period!

A little blood has appeared in your pants for the first time. You realise that your first period has started!

Maybe you’re the first of your friends to get it, or maybe one of the last. You need to know that it’s totally alright to freak out a bit if you feel like it.

Once you’ve finished freaking out, it’s time to calm down and stay in control. We recommend that you tell one of your parents or a friend who can help you choose feminine hygiene products. If you don’t dare to go to a shop to buy them yourself then you can ask them to help you.

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When everything’s under control you can celebrate with a victoryshout! Just think, you’ve got your first period, your body works fine and you’re on the way to becoming a woman!

CONGRATULATIONS with your first period!

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It’s important to keep living a normal life when you have your period. You can train, bathe and have fun. If you experience so much pain during your period that you can’t do the things you would normally do, then get in touch with your school nurse or doctor, to ask for advice.


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