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What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Are you proud of what you see, or not? I know how easy it is to get hung up on things I don’t like about myself. It’s easy to get caught up in the hell of comparisons. It is hell in a sense, as the definition of hell is where God is not present, and God is not present in our comparisons.

Why should I go and compare my bad sides with other people’s good sides? Why do I always compare my weaknesses with others’ strengths? Comparing ourselves to others comes so automatically to us. Hair, bottom, smile, footballing skills, pretty, funny, really intelligent … and in the same breath we put ourselves down. We remind ourselves of those things we can’t do, or don’t have, or can’t manage. Don’t you know that comparisons affect you most of all?

YOU have the power to be your own worst enemy or your best friend!

A good self-image isn’t about always coming out top in the comparisons table, always being perfect or looking good. No, self-image is about how you – yes, YOU – not others, see yourself! What do you say to yourself when you see yourself in the mirror? What do you say to yourself when you make a fool of yourself? What do you think of yourself when you meet an unknown situation? It’s YOUR own thoughts about yourself that add up to a good self-image, not anyone else’s. Don’t you know that the whole world is standing clapping and praising you? So what if your inner voice is putting you down? Why do the most beautiful film stars have plastic surgery? Because they too have complexes. It doesn’t matter if others give you rave reviews if you put yourself down. You can get something that others pay thousands for painful surgery to get: a good self-image. You can get it free, at home, all alone. You can start by focusing on the positive. You actually do get more of what you focus on. Make sure you affirm yourself enough each day. Speak out what you see, not what you want to see. Look at what you can do, not what you can’t do.

You will be your own best fan club if you do all this!

If you need tips about who you are, and how good you are, then the Creator says lots about His masterpiece in the Bible.

‘Since you are precious and honoured in My sight, and because I love you …’ Isaiah 43:4.

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