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The Invisible Reality of Sex

When two people have sex, very strong emotions are created, and they become emotionally connected on a deep level. Many have experienced that it is hard to break up after having a sexual relationship. Through sharing intimacy at such a deep level, both people have given away a part of themselves that cannot be taken back. 

However, sex is more than emotions. The Bible says that two humans who have sex become one body. This happens even without a love relationship to the other person. The apostle Paul actually says that one becomes one body with the sex partner, even if the partner is a prostitute (1 Corinthians 6:16).

What does it mean to become one body? In all other human relationships we are in our own separate bodies. We can be really close, but our soul and spirit (that the Bible refers to as our inner being) will be limited by each person’s body. In a sexual encounter, the bodies are melted together in such a way that the soul and spirit can meet the other person’s soul and spirit unhindered by the body. This is wonderful in a lifelong marriage when a man and a woman trust each other and are committed to staying together for the rest of their life. However, we may also be hurt from having sex with a person that we are not married to.

When melting together and becoming one body with another person, we meet the other person on the deepest possible level. After crossing this boundary, and our inner being has met the inner being of another person through sex, we become deeply bound to the other person. Therefore, there will always be a part of us that continually is longing to reconnect with the other person we have had sex with. This is beautiful in a marriage where we are supposed to stay together for the rest of our lives, but this can be damaging when the relationship is broken. Therefore, the Bible also says that sex outside its right boundaries is harmful (Proverbs 6:32).

What should we to do if we have had sex with a person outside marriage? First, we should ask God to forgive us of using sex outside the boundaries of marriage that he has given us. However, we also need to be set free from the deep connection that has been made between ourselves and the person we have had sex with. After asking for forgiveness, we can break the invisible ties that are binding us to the other person. We can say: ‘in the name of Jesus, I break the ties that have been created between myself and (the other person’s name)’. 

When we understand the invisible reality of sex, we will also have a strong motivation to avoid sex with any other persons than the one we will be committed to for the rest of our life in marriage. 

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