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I don’t know who I like best

I’m a girl of 12 and I’ve got a boyfriend. When we got together I felt like he wasn’t the right one for me and I started to like someone else. We’ve been together before, and I was much happier then. The boy who I’m not with flirts a bit with me, and I flirt with him. I’m so unsure, I need an answer.


When you are 12, in the middle of puberty, you are affected by lots of hormones and your feelings are unstable. Feelings come and go, and it’s hard to decide who you like. Crushes happen spontaneously, and are often based on appearances and not on a person’s personality. It’s quite normal to feel unsure, like you feel now, at the age you are. The best advice we can give is to wait until you are older before you get a boyfriend. Then you’ll be able to avoid the problem of feelings that come and go for different boys. You shouldn’t have a boyfriend who you feel is not right for you, especially when you are flirting with another boy. If you get together with the boy you are flirting with, you might feel the same frustration again in a week or in a month.

It’s quite possible to be best friends and spend a lot of time with boys you like, without them being your boyfriend. In that way you will have more peace and can get to know each other better. The person you fall in love with as a teenager is not usually the person you will like as an adult, so even though it might feel right for you now, it might not last that long. You can save yourself a lot of frustration and gossip (with friends) if you spend your teenage years with good friends and not with boyfriends.

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