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I have gay feelings

Hey, I'm a 19-year-old guy, and I've come to realize that I have feelings of attraction towards the same gender that I can't shake off.
I'm actively working on dealing with these feelings, and I've decided to follow what the Bible says, which means I don't want to act on my gay attraction. Now I'm wondering if I should share this with anyone or keep it to myself. What do you think? I have not wanted to tell anyone, but lately, it feels like a burden not to say anything.

Thank you for your question. We understand that carrying the weight of same-sex feelings alone can be burdensome. We believe that some level of openness is important. Therefore, we encourage you to find someone to talk to - someone you trust who can provide support, encouragement, and possibly even prayer and guidance.

We think it's brave of you to stand firm in believing that entering into a same-sex relationship is wrong. However, we also believe that this is what the Bible actually guides us on. Therefore, you are allowed to trust that God will provide you with the strength and wisdom you need in your situation. At the same time, we all face different temptations and struggles throughout life. It's important to seek support from other people. We all need certain places - or at least one place - where there is openness and safety. Perhaps you know a pastor, a youth worker, or another Christian leader whom you can have a conversation with? Remember that they are bound by confidentiality.

So, for now, at least, we won't encourage you to be fully open about your sexual feelings. It's not that we believe it is wrong, but we think you might find it burdensome. We are talking about a topic that is both personal and intimate. Therefore, we would also advise someone who identifies as heterosexual not to be fully open about the struggles they may have with pornography. Even though we live in a time where it seems that openness about sexual topics knows no bounds, it may be wise for Christians to be somewhat more reserved.

We can also recommend that you read the interview with Sam Allberry, who also experiences same-sex attractions but has chosen to live a celibate life: Kristen, singel og stolt and listen to the podcasts from the seminar with Sam Allberry and Olof Edsinger: Identity in Christ

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We wish you God's blessing!

Kind regards, BoyandGirl.info