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Is petting sex?

What is petting? Is it sex?


Thanks for your questions.

First, what is petting?

In this context, petting means touching each other sexually but without it leading to sexual intercourse. One person touches and stimulates their partner’s body so that their sexual tension increases, and it usually ends up with one or both of them having an orgasm. It could also be called mutual masturbation. It is very similar to foreplay just before intercourse.

You also asked whether this is sex. We at boyandgirl.info base all our advice on the Bible’s view that marriage is the only good, safe framework around all sexual activity.

Being naked together, touching each other and being together like this isn’t something you do with just anyone: it is so intimate that it belongs within marriage. When people have sex they become so intimate that the physical boundaries are in a sense erased, and they become one body. Touching each other’s sexual organs or stimulating each other sexually in other ways, not only intercourse, is sex. So petting would also be defined as sex.

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