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What is the definition of sex?

Hi, I'm a girl wondering what the definition of sex is? Is it morally okay with sucking/licking or fingering/wanking of the other sex? Are you still a virgin after doing this?
Greetings girl 15

Hello Girl, 15 years.

"Virgin" is used for those who have not had sex with anyone, both boys and girls. Both oralsex (sucking/licking) and fingering each other are defined as having sex with each other. Many people think that they are waiting to have sex because they don't have intercourse, but sex is much more than that. In a way, sexual activity is anything that gets you excited and sexually aroused, and having sex with each other is about all activities where you touch and caress each other's genitals either with your mouth or hands.

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Kind regards, BoyandGirl.info


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