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I’ve never had spots

Hi, I’m a girl of eleven, I’ve already got big boobs but I don’t want any before I’m twelve, and I’ve never had spots, is there something wrong with me?


There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re totally normal! Some people get spots, while others don’t. Some girls develop breasts when they are young, and others get them later. And some girls get their period early, while others get it later. At your age you’re developing in lots of different ways, and sometimes you don’t want things to develop as you don’t feel ready. That’s what I think you are saying, and it’s understandable, as there’s so much happening in your body and often in your thoughts too. I hope you can find someone you can talk to about these things, maybe your mum, a big sister or the school nurse? Just remember, it’s quite normal.


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Best wishes

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