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Regret being fingered

Hi, I’m a girl of fifteen. I was fingered, and really regret it! How can I get over it? Is it wrong to be fingered? Is it against what the Bible says?


It’s a shame that you have had an experience that you regret. You can’t undo it, but you can let this experience help you to set limits in the future.

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It’s important that you set your own limits, and that you don’t let others push you into doing something you don’t want to do. You can be proud of having limits and stubbornly sticking to them, as that means that you respect yourself and your inner values.

Sex is so much more than the actual sex act, and kissing and heavy petting are foreplay that arouse the body and make it ready for intercourse. Touching and stimulating each other’s sex organs with the finger or mouth are intimate sex acts that only belong to marriage.

This website is based on the Bible so therefore we recommend everyone, no matter their age, to wait before having sex or taking part in other intimate sex acts, until marriage. We don’t think it’s smart to have sex when a person is so young, as at that age they are not aware of all the consequences it can lead to. Some of these consequences can be: pregnancy, sexual diseases, rejection, bad memories, hurt and not least emotional bonds. Sex is very intimate and you put yourself in a vulnerable situation if you have sex without being married.

You write that you are wondering how to get over this situation. Talk to God about how you feel, pour out your heart and your thoughts to Him and ask Him to break the ties that you feel in your thoughts to the person who fingered you, so that you can put it behind you.

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Best wishes

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