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Where should my boyfriend and I set the boundaries?

I have had a boyfriend for about 6 months now. We have not had sex, because both of us wish to wait until marriage. We strive to have good boundaries. Where is the limit, and what does the Bible tell us about it?
Girl, 17 years old

Hello Girl, 17 years old. 

It's great that you want to wait to have sex until you're married and that you try to have good boundaries. 

The Bible is clear that sex is a gift from God that he has given so that the man and woman in marriage will be closely connected to one another and for them to have children. The Bible calls sex becoming one body because this is a very personal experience where the physical boundaries between two people are blurred. Through sex, our inner man (what the Bible calls soul and spirit) meets another human in the deepest way possible. 

When we talk about sex, most people think of sexual intercourse, but sex is much more. Touching each other's genitals or stimulating each other sexually in ways other than intercourse can be as intimate and personal as intercourse. Therefore, all contact with the genitals should be something we wait until we are married. A good piece of advice can be to decide to completely avoid the parts of the body that are normally covered by underwear, also outside the clothes. Being naked together is also something so intimate that it only belongs in marriage. 

It's better to be careful than to push the boundaries. Many have experienced that it becomes very difficult to stop in time if they compromise in relation to the limits they have actually decided on. Remember that you have a lifetime ahead of you to explore the mysteries of sexuality and the joys of being married. Instead, using the time to get to know each other in all other areas and having clear boundaries before the wedding is an investment you will not regret. 

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Warm regards,



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