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Twelve years old but still no boobs

What should I do, I’m twelve and a half and I don’t have any boobs, but I want to have them?


Lots of girls think the subject of boobs is difficult, either they think they are too small or too big. There’s not much you can do to make your boobs start to grow or get bigger. You didn’t mention if you have reached puberty.

Since you are twelve you have maybe just reached puberty, so your breasts will probably soon start to develop.

Lots of other girls of your age have questions about boobs. That's why we wrote A short boob guide for girls. We recommend that you read this, you’ll find answers to many of your questions there. 

Here’s an extract from this article: ‘Girls get boobs depending on when they reach puberty. This varies a lot from person to person: girls often reach puberty when they are ten to twelve years old (but often older), and it is usually over by the time they reach fifteen to seventeen years of age. Boobs usually grow about two years after you have your first period, and for a lot of girls they are not finished growing until they are almost eighteen years old.’


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